Project Management

Building a property is a complex and complicated task.
If you want to be sure and confident, hire us for the commission to complete the whole project!
Our team of professionals ensure that everything will run smoothly during project management.

For professional real estate development, there is a requirement for someone to bring the system together and to respond quickly and appropriately to any emerging problems.
Management helps you to find the best suppliers, subcontractors and to compare their offers, making legally and economically optimal contracts.

Monitor, enforce and actualise your business plan and your technical and financial schedules. It also maintains contact with competent authorities, utility providers and potential buyers of the investment.
We can achieve the greatest added value in projects, providing we have enough information from the initial phase. Thus, the monitoring of the planning and implementation process is concentrated in one hand during the entire development.

We are present and supervise all the processes from the selection of the designer, through to the design review, to the fault-free and deficit free implementation, and even more until the start of operation. This allows us to achieve maximum efficiency so you can concentrate on your next project.
We do market environment analysis, make suggestions for development opportunities and prepare a feasibility study.
We ensure the sustainability and the representation of the investor’s interest after a thorough understanding of the customer’s expectations.

Our specialists expertise is at your disposal, our company undertakes partial or complete project management tasks.

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Business efficiency development

«Good» organizational culture inspires.

It is a good feeling to be part of it and it creates habits that add value to the organisation’s strategy.
The identification of correct and accurate goals and directions positively influence the successful implementation of corporate strategies.

The main goal of our training is to increase performance and efficiency.
Focus is on developing a strong, viable, effective strategy and strengthening the capabilities of the leadership team.
Success can be enhanced by increasing efficiency. Efficiency is a measure of how much time and energy is invested in a given task in the most optimal way.

Implementing the strategy is the driving force behind the whole organization – or it is good if it is. To achieve this, the goals set should be reshaped to individual motivation.

We formulate a vision and goals where functional roles are coordinated and clear and the leadership team represents a common and an individual vision.

We work step by step with business models and analytical tools on priorities, on ideas to achieve the desired business goals; and to improve the collaboration in the leadership team and to achieve individual goals.

Some examples of the topics from our training:

  • Strategy: breakdown of goals and tasks, definition of expectations, communication of goals, motivation, tracking and measurement, time and task management, development of employees, stress management
  • Communication: development and improvement of communication skills to achieve maximum efficiency, motivation for action, empathy, information retrieval, raising attention, persuasion techniques, neccessary skills and behaviour for a successful negotiation
  • Contact: customer-oriented behavior, types of customers and how to handle them, behavioral rules in person and on the phone, handling complaints and excuses, improving questioning skills, conflict management, keeping contact with customers and suppliers

If you are interested and you want to increase your company’s success, contact us!

Sell your property

We understand that selling your home is extremely important and confidential.

Thanks to our team of experts, advisors, the best sales techniques and many years of experience, we offer our personalised service to you, so you can get the most from your property! Let us guide you through the whole process and spare you time, unnecessary complications and worrying! Trust is a great value in our company, that is why we want to provide you with the best service!

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details!

A short guide for selling a property with us:

1. Valuation of the Real Estate

Many years of experience, daily presence on the Real Estate market and our team of experts helps us to calculate the selling price for your property and get the best value for you!

2. Present your property to the audience.

Our team takes the most optimal pictures to show your property’s best features! We provide you with professional online advertising on our and other popular websites. Also we can treat your property confidentially if you wish so, without online marketing, open only for a special audience.
First impression has a great influence not only with people, but also with Real Estate! It is the most important to choose the right time and to create a nice ambiance during a viewing!
We will find the best time to highlight your property to the potential buyers!

3. Negotiation – Signing the contract

If a potential buyer makes a deal on your property, we will make sure that you will get the most of it!

Signing the sales contract means you are legally selling your property. Usually the buyer chooses and pays for the lawyer, but do not worry! We provide you with a well experienced lawyer, who will make sure that the contract represents your interests!

4. Handing the keys over.

After all processes, the finishing step is to hand over the keys to the new owner. We will also provide you with useful advices related to handing over your property.
H&H Expeditive will be at your side at every step!

Buy a property

A home for you and your family is the biggest and most important purchase you will ever make and an inheritance to pass on to your children. It is so important to get this right. Get the best deal, the best location.

When buying real estate, it is essential to have a professional crew by your side whos duty is to ensure you get all required details precisely. The presence of reliable experts is advantageous many times throughout the procedure. We are dedicated to guide you through the whole process and to spare you time, unnecessary complications and worrying! With our personalised service, expert crew and many years of experience we find the best property for you!

A short guide for buying a property:

1. What are you looking for?

Consider the type, the location, the condition of the property, any required «extras», and the budget.

2. Exploration and selection

We search ideal real estates which fits into your given pattern. We provide all necessary documents and informations about the choosen property. Then you can choose which ones you like the most and we organise a viewing for you. Our architect checks the property’s condition and gives an expert report.

3. The deal – The contract

Our experienced team calculates a price to negotiate, considering all conditions.

If you intend to make a purchase, you can confirm it by paying a certain amount of deposit and by signing a «pre-contract».

Signing the sales contract means you are legally buying the property. Usually the buyer chooses the lawyer, but do not worry!
We can provide you with a reliable, well experienced lawyer, with whom we have worked several times. The lawyer will thoroughly review all the documents and will make sure that your interests are protected.

4. Taking the keys over

After all processes, the finishing step is to take over the keys from the previous owner. We will also provide you with useful advices related to taking over your new property.

H&H Expeditive is on your side every step of the way!

Headquarter service, establish a company

We provide headquarter service and can help you to start a company!
In Spain, any EU resident is allowed to establish a company.
H&H Expeditive offers help for those who are standing before difficult decisions.

How do you start your new business easily?

The process of setting up a business is fast and easy with H&H Expeditive:

  • We do all the paperwork, prepare all documents and requests throughout the process.
  • Our lawyer prepares company documents
  • We open the bank account that best suits your needs
  • We register your business at the Court of Registration
  • We require your corporate tax ID

Documents and decisions required for company formation:

  • Company Name: You may have to choose multiple company names because the Company. Court may reject your application if you choose an inappropriate name.
  • Number of members and form of company: we can help you to choose from corporate forms.
  • Determining ownership proportions in case of multiple ownership.
  • Determining company assets, equity capital.
  • Headquarters Address: We can provide Headquarters Service.
  • Location, branch address.
  • Email address, phone number: necessary for continuous, successful communication.
  • Documents of the founding member(s) and managing director(s)
  • Tax Method: During our counseling we help you to choose the most appropriate taxation method.
  • Defining Activity Areas: 1 major activity is required, and multiple secondary activities can be specified.

If you do not have your own office or property to sign your company in, but you already want it to be established, our headquarter service can be a cost-effective solution for you.

What are the benefits of the headquarter service with H&H Expeditive?

  • We provide the address necessary for registration and operation.
  • We store and organize your company documentation.
  • We handle, organize, store and notify you about postal items, letters.
  • We place your sign board.
  • We notify you of major changes to company law.

Legal advice

Legal advice involves advice relating to any legal issue – taking into account all known circumstances of the case -providing the customer with accurate legal information, a detailed description of the relevant legislation and providing information on possible and necessary options with regard to taking action.
Our lawyer partners, supporting the work of our sales representatives, represent the interests of the parties in terms of attaining win-win solutions.
We provide legal advice and accurate legal informations for our customers.


Accounting, preparing reports, submitting reports, getting approvals and adhering to deadlines, etc; requires not only a lot of time and attention, but also serious expertise.
We provide transparent, up-to-date accounting to enable you to make accurate business decisions.
Accounting and tax advice is provided exclusively to our clients.


The success of a negotiation in many cases depends on communication: half words, details, numbers, emphasis is of great importance.

It is crucial for us that both parties hear exactly the same thing and understand what is really being said.

If you are not a native speaker of Spanish, we will provide you with a highly qualified, trained interpreter!

Are you interested?

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